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Marketing ,  Sales  &  Procurement Consultation

Sales and Marketing Policies, Procedures, and Forms manual takes best practices and sound advice from experts in the sales and marketing fields and brings them together in one well organized, easy-to-use, and readily customizable template to manage your sales and marketing processes.

Effective sales management ensures a perennial revenue flow for an organization. Personal selling, mass selling and sales promotions are three aspects of sales. All three require different approaches. A typical selling process starts by prospecting the right customer for a particular product or service. Next comes the approach or the selling pitch, which is made to the prospective customer



Sales & Marketing

Brand Equity
Customer Relations Management
E-marketing Strategy
Market Study
Marketing Strategy
Product Planning & Development
Sales Organization & Control
Sales Promotion
 Sales Strategy

Purchasing & Procurement

Cost & Price Analysis
Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Strategy


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