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Autocad 2D is an engineering drafting software that provides the tools for map drawing. With our Autocad course resolve the most complex geometrical designing fields including architectural, interior, landscaping, and GIS system and even create logos that are difficult to design on other software. This course equips the students with the tools they need to draw proper maps, Students will learn about the tools, drawing objects on layers, publishing, and a lot more. 

Students receive a certification accredited by the ministry of education upon completing this course.

Enrolling on an AutoCAD course or undertaking AutoCAD training is without doubt the best way to start building your 2D or 3D computer aided design skills as 2D drafting and 3D modelling form important core skills that are required across all design disciplines.

GMTDC offer an extensive training portfolio and can deliver training at our countrywide Autodesk training centres, on your own premises or even online with our flexible or certified AutoCAD online training platform.

Businesses investing in CAD training are rewarded not only by increased productivity but in many cases by more innovative designs as the CAD user becomes familiar with the software and starts using it as an essential tool as opposed to wasting months trying to learn the software in a busy work environment.

This is why users who have often not undertaken structured Auto CAD training course much longer to become productive and effective users of AutoCAD software or any other design software for that matter.

Autodesk’s computer aided design software has been developed for a number of different industry disciplines so our range of courses are broken down into basic 2D drafting courses for candidate needing to attend initial training and more advanced 2D and 3D AutoCAD courses for users that already have built up a foundation of ACAD knowledge but need to increase their skill set or learn one of the industry specific AutoCAD software solutions.




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